Kings School Canterbury Boat Club

Girls 1st Eight at Teddington Head
Boys Quad racing off the start at Teddington                                                With the Boys J15 Eight following later on.
The Girls J15 Eight getting a good race under their belts                              J16 boys going over the track
Girls J16 Four putting in a good row at Teddington to come 2nd                 The J16 boys 2nd Four at Teddington
Boys winning their 2x at Durham LDS  and then combining with Durham School in the Open 4+ coming 6th
3 Girls Eights racing at Cambridge Autumn Head! J15, 16 and 18.      Boys J16 Eight off to start.
Boys J15 Eight coming in fastest in their age and the Boys Senior Quad winning their class and fastest Junior crew

 Remove Boys getting their first win under their belt                              The J17 girls doing a double before single and quad!

 Remove Girls getting their first race at Maidstone                            J16 Girls four opening their race account

 The 1991 Crew that made the PE final - 30th Anniversary                        The Eight of 2020 that missed HRR - winners at Bruges before                                                                                                                              lockdown - and their boat named after them.

Boat Club Captain James Crawley and Bear Hastilow racing at National Schools Regatta 2021 ...a solid win in the Time Trial followed by a dominant performance especially in the second half in the final. Winner of Championship Pairs.

The Junior Camp at the lake over the half appeared for it.

The last racing before Covid lockdown hit...Bruges 2020 - Boys Eight and Girls Eight.

Girl's Eight coming down the track at Hampton Head                      Boys Eight at Hampton Head
Hampton Head and the boy's pairs came 3rd and 8th (left above) and Girl's pair 6th. (above)

Kent School Games Indoor Rowing Finals - Removes success!

Girls Eight at Rutherford Head                                                           Xmas Eights/Octos!
Kent Indoor Rowing Heats                                                                Girls Eight try out DUBC rowing tank
The Docklands Head - Boys Eight coming down to win overall   Girls coxed Four getting a first run out.

Winning Girls Pair at the Pairs Head

The Remove Boys trying out sweep for their first race at Maidstone.   Remove Girls sculler at Maidstone.

Success at Brit Champs - Gold in J16 and J18 pairs n                    Tom and Ian Wingfield rowing for England at HIR 2019

Girls Four at Womens Henley                                                            The 1st Eight at Henley Royal - 1st round v St Edwards

Winners at Richmond Regatta - Wj16 2x and Boys J15 2x

1st Eight at NSR                                                                                            Half Term Camp at Westbere

Girls Four winners at Thames Ditton Regatta                                   Girls Champ Pair on way to TT at NSR

Boys Four coming down track to get silver                                     Boys Pairs - go on to get Gold and Bronze.

Girls Pair off start.                                                                                   Boys Eight lining up - to go on and get Bronze

The Reception at Bruges Town Hall and the BBR - Brugge Boat Race

Winners at Kent Indoors                                                                   Winning Girls Quad at Brugge

The Club at Burway SBH racing and supporting each other.

The fastest coxed Four on the day - senior and junior.                   The Shells quad getting their win.

The Shells Octo getting its first race at Cambridge Head                Ghent camp in half term

Winners are grinners at Maidstone                                                  8K duel at the DefiSiene in Rouen

The Wingfields win at Brit Champs                                                  Girls composite Eight win Bronze at Brit Champs

The Wingfield twins winning the J16 pair at the GB France match in Paris


The young School 1st Eight gaining great experience at Henley Royal Regatta

The Kings Eight for Henley Royal Regatta

 Tilly Abbott at Scot Champs - missed out on Scottish Team by 1 place!    Winning quad at Barnes and Mortlake Regatta

The Wingfield twins win J16 Pairs at National Schools Regatta following their win at the same event at Ghent International Regatta.

J16 girls at Chiswick, again        Captain Wills Edgar racing for his other club Globe at Wallingford

Removes Coxed Four - winners at Chiswick ......... as were the J16 girls Quad.

Gravelines International Regatta

Removes winning Kent Indoor Champs and racing at Hampton Head 2018

Freddie Allinson - Double Gold for GB in the 4- at the Coupe    Phelan Hill, Rio Gold medallist, at the KSCBC dinner

Winners are grinners - Removes Eight with a winning sculler, Jen Hofmann and the Shells Quad at Richmond Regatta

The J15s with their \pots at Barnes and Mortlake Regatta              The Quad on the way to the start at Durham Regatta

Champ Pair - Bronze Medal - Freddie Allinson and Wills Edgar    The Girls double moving up the field.

National Schools Regatta

Above - Girls Quad and Removes Four winning at Maidstone Spring Head - and above that the Senior Quad at Ghent and the Kings Invitation Regatta - busy!

Below - winners at the Kent School Indoor Rowing Finals - all pupils racing won medals.

Sarah Beevers winning bronze in 6.59 at BIRC                             Senior Quad winning J18 quads at Teddington
The Shells at Cambridge Winter Head                                                The Removes Teams coming 1 and 2 at the KIRC heats
The Boat Club Dinner with Fran Houghton OKS and at the club earlier in the afternoon.
The England J2- winning impressively from Sco, Ire and Wal and getting their Gold medals
Brit Champs Gold for the Pair and England selection                                       Silver for the Four
The 1st Eight at Henley Royal Regatta - prequalified but went out round 1 to London Oratory

The GIrls Squad Eight (plus odd coach) race at Barnes and Mortlake 

 Girls Quad win IM3 at Barnes and Mortlake                             The 1st Eight win Sch/Jun 8s at Reading Amateur

The coxed Four winning their D Final                          Jen Hofmann on the start of her A Final - Junior Sculling Regatta

1st Eight coming to the line - Silver by .3 sec to Belgian Junior Eight      With weekends winnings!

1st Eight winning Junior & u23 eights on the saturday of Ghent    Jen Hofmann lines up versus the Swiss u23 Sculler

Chiswick Regatta - Eight wins IM2

 Training Camp - Italy...more photos on Training Camp page

Junior Camp at the Lake at the start of Easter holidays.

The WJ15 Quad at Dorney Lake for the Sculling Head                     The 1st Eight - Schools Head and Eights Head

The WJ14 Quad at Dorney Lake for the Sculling Head  with the J14 boys racing their Octo as well.  

Girls Squad with medals after Maidstone                                    The 1st Eight off to win the IM3 Pennant at Trent Head

Above The Removes Eight debut race and the 1st Eight prepares.....

Below -  The Eight races two Fours at Hampton Div 1 - coming 2nd and 9th.



 Winning crews from Burway SBH - Boys Four and Jen Hofmann in WJ17 1x

 Good weekend racing by Nichols - wins in his single                    Hofmann - winner both at Rob Roy and Maidstone in

at Rob Roy and Maidstone as well as Four and Quad                     her single

 Fastest J18 double at Rob Roy SBH                                                    Nov 2x winners at Rob Roy and Maidstone SBH

Fastest Junior Boat and winners of the Quad and the Four         Girls win Novice 4x+ at Maidstone SBH

at Maidstone SBH

Harry Nichols - Gold in the coxed Four for England...and KSCBC        Kings at the Team Dinner

The England Junior Coxless Four - KSCBC                                    The England Junior 8 - 5 of the Kings 1st Eight!

The Coxless Four winning British Junior Championships               The 1st Eight racing Westminster at Henley Royal

 The Eight at the start                                                                               The Senior Squad for Henley - The Eight and Quad.


    The Boys Four winners again at Gravelines  International           The Headmaster naming a new single...."Result" !

The coxed Four of Nichols, John, Forbes, Trelawny-Vernon and Fuest taking the 1st Four event win - first win at National Schools since 1996!

 National Schools Regatta

The Eight leading the D final into the line                                   The coxed Four receiving their medals and Trophy

 Shells winning the Kings Invitational Regatta J14 Quads... as did the Removes in their Quad.

Medallists at Ghent Regatta                                                               The Eight at the start of J8+ final.

The boys 4+ winning at Ghent, after Bronze in the J4-.               The Girls 4- getting silver.

1st Eight at Quintin Head                                                                   Medallists at KIRC

 National Eights Day Regatta at Gravelines - Boys Fastest Junior Eight and second overall

 Docklands Head - wins for the Boys - two Girls quads and then an Eight race.

 Half Term Training.....two lake training - Westbere and Gravelines

1st Four at Maidstone SBH

 Pre Rouen prep paddle on the lake

Tom Ransley oks - Olympic Bronze 2012 and World Champion in GB Eight 2013 and 2014 at the lake with crews.


Boys Eight - Silver at Brit Rowing Champs                                         Lizzie T-V - Bronze in composite 8

The 1st Eight lines up at Wallingford Regatta                                             Ergo session at the Rec

 The 1st Eight at the Head of the Amstel                                      The J16 Four becoming JIRR Champions.

 Pupils at the Hammersmith Head                                                                         JIRR Trials at the Lake

Sunset training...                                                                                      The 1st Four at the Fours Head - 7th

Senior boys just miss out on retaining headship at Maidstone       Rem Girls double.....showing potential


1st Eight off to first race at Henley for 5 years.                          After losing valiantly to Oratory.

Winners all round at their first coastal event

 Novice Fours racing at Herne Bay


JKS at Blenheim Palace Regatta                                                         The Girls Eight at the Coronation Regatta

Barnes and Mortlake Regatta - wins for the 1st Eight and J15s (above) but also the Girls Eight and womens novice single.

Winners at Thames Ditton - the Girls Eight

Boat naming by Nick Strange OKS and Joe Philips, OKS. 

House Indoor Rowing Competition.                                              Kings/Tyne before GB trials winning at Durham SBH

Winners Marlowe Girls and Galpins Boys

Kings  indoor rowers at Medway Park

J15 boys teams coming 1st and 3rd at KIRC Heats.                    Finishing the afternoons training with MIRC

Racing at the Head of t he Head of the Charles                            With Coach Fiore from BB & N.

Pairs Head - crews get to meet and talk to Olympic Gold Medallist Sophie Hoskings as well as chat to OKS Olympic Silver medallist Frances Houghton.

Pairs Head - crews get to meet and talk to Olympic Gold Medallist Sophie Hoskings as well as chat to OKS Olympic Silver medallist Frances Houghton.  

Girls Novice coxed Quad - first race for two and three                     Senior Boys coxed Four.

Singles - Best-Shaw in J16                                                                    Hastings in Novice

Girls Novice double - Presdee and L T-V

Brady just missing out on J16 sinle win.

Double of Mansfield and Coach Sweetman. 

J16 pair - Brady and Best-Shaw 

 1st Eight starts the Boston Marathon                                                               Pair rowing........................

 Above - the England Girls Junior pair from Kings Canterbury and Tyne RC - second to Scotland beating Ireland and Wales at the Home Countries International at Cardiff Bay.

Harry Best-Shaw winning the C final at Nat Champs                          

Vicky Mansfield and Natalie Hardy (Tyne RC) - Silver                  Olympian Alison Mowbray spends a day with JKS medal at British Rowing Championships...and                              rowers.                                                                               selected to row for England at the Home Countries                                                                                                                  International.


The J16 Eight at Nat Schools                                                               HRR Row past for 150 years of Rowing 

 Sunday "crew" at Gravelines                                                                     Shells Octo on the start.....

Eight lines up at Dorney  for J16 Eights                                                     Girls Four push off for race. 

 JIRR - J16 Eight coming to the Finish line.                                         J14s get their first race - as the South East          

 Photos from -   

J16 Eight - early morning at Ghent                                                         Finish  of the course

Vicky Mansfield Gold and 2 Bronze at the Indoor Rowing Champs 

Girls Team winning Bronze at Indoor Rowing Champs. 

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