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2018 Winter Term

22/9 – Boat Club Dinner – 6.30pm Birleys

23/9 – Maidstone Small Boats Head

6/10 -  Le DefiSeine, Rouen

13/10 – Rob Roy Autumn Head, Cambridge

31/10 – 3/11  - Ghent half term Camp – Senior Boys

1-3/11 – Westbere half term Camp – Senior Girls


10/11 – Kingston SBH

11/11 – Docklands SBH

17/11 – Cambridge Winter Head

17/11 – Teddington SBH

17/11 – GB Early ID Assessment (Friday evening depart)

24/11 – Hampton SBH

1/12 – Burway SBH



Burway SBH

The following crews are racing at Burway…for those with exams they are being rearranged.

We will be leaving at 6.30am from Sainsburys Coach park on Saturday morning and returning at 6pm.

You will need plenty of spare warm  kit, racing kit, snacks if possible – packed breakfasts and lunches will need to be picked up. You will also need wellies or flip flops!!!


Div 1 at 9.30am

J17 4+ - Connor/Mutton/Crawley/Lapsley   Carter

J18 2- - Wingfield/Wingfield

J17 2- - Mullen/Peng

W4x- - Southorn, Gerecke, Williamson

WJ17 4x+ - Yahya, Wiseman, Freeman, Padilla-Maier German

J15 4x+ - Piggins, Bainbridge, Barker, Chkhaidze  Zhao


Div 2 at 12pm

J17 1x Dixon

J14 4x+ Outram, Gibbs, Cochrane, Wolff German

J16 2- Smith, Lazarevic


Div 3 at 2pm

WJ14 4x+ - 2 crews – Li, Chen, Lynch, Shaft, Kim, Clark, Yudintseva, Lester  Gunathilagan, Zhao

J18 4+ - Wingfield, Wingfield, Crawley, Lapsley Carter

J17 4x- - Mutton, Connor, Lazarevic, Peng

WJ15 2x – Sugden, Mansoor

WJ17 4x+ - Zhang, Wang, Li, Rush German

J16 2x – Burn, Gould

WJ17 2x – Williamson, Gerecke

Nov 2x – Mullen, Dixon


The details are on the Boat Club website –

The event website is


 Details of the event -

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